International  Students  and  ESL  Students

The owners of Dreamscape Ranch have been welcoming International Students as well as ESL Students (English As A Second Language Students) into their home for over 30 years. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to practice their English language skills in real world situations and to help with the day-to-day running of a working Horse Ranch.


Please know, that staying at Dreamscape Ranch is not free. It is very affordable. The money you pay to the Ranch, helps the cost of providing your meals and the utilities you use during your stay with us. We also only except 18 to 30 year old's.

Where  Is  Dreamscape  Ranch?

Dreamscape Ranch is on 160 acres of land in a small community named 'Knutsford' (pronounced "nuts-ford") which is approximately 18 kilometers south of the city of Kamloops in the province of British Columbia.


Knutsford is a very friendly place and there are often community events at the local Knutsford Hall or at one of the neighbor's properties or ranches.


We are within driving distance of the neighboring communities of Kelowna, Merritt, Armstrong, and Vernon. Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada, is a four hour drive away.


Please look through the various photos here on our website to get a good idea of what the countryside looks like in our area. There is a beautiful combination of forest, grasslands and small lakes which stretch out over rolling hills.

what  Is  Dreamscape  Ranch?

Dreamscape is a working Horse Ranch and a Guest Ranch, so while it is our home it is also a business.


As a Horse Ranch we have many of our own horses for riding. We also have horse boarding here that belong to other people. We provide rehabilitation for horses that are recovering from injury. It is a retirement home for some of these horses.


As a Guest Ranch, we provide a place for guests to have a relaxing holiday away from city life. We offer you the opportunity to experience horses and horseback riding in the beautiful countryside.

Would  You  Like  To  Come  To  Dreamscape  Ranch?

International Students and ESL Students come to Dreamscape Ranch for a unique opportunity to practice their English language skills in the real world while helping in the day-to-day running of a working Horse Ranch. This is the perfect setting in which to meet new people, learn and experience new things, and practice your English language skills all at the same time.

We Want You To Feel At Home

▪ It is important to us that students treat the Ranch as their home - you will share it with Lea, her husband Bud, their daughter Erika, other students and Ranch guests.

▪ The food and meals at the Ranch are very good. If you have any specific likes, dislikes or allergies please let us know so we can make sure your stay with us is as pleasant as possible.
▪ We always have our meals together at the dinner table. That is always the best way to get to know each other, share stories and enjoy quality time together.
▪ We choose to live in the countryside because it is peaceful, quiet and we are 
surrounded by beautiful scenery and animals. We only travel to the city when we need to - so be prepared to spend most of your time here at the Ranch.

Student Responsibilities At The Ranch

▪ Staying at Dreamscape Ranch is not free, it is very affordable.
▪ Your stay at the Ranch isn't considered to be a 'holiday'. Students have a 
responsibility to help with the day-to-day running of the Ranch, which includes daily chores.
▪ Most of the chores at the Ranch involve taking care of the horses. This includes daily feeding and the cleaning of paddocks. Other responsibilities may include helping with meals and housekeeping, and different types of Ranch projects and maintenance.
▪ Dreamscape is also a Guest Ranch so there may be guests here during your stay. 
Everyone helps out when there are guests – entertaining and helping out with horse related activities.
▪ While students have daily chores to do they will still have a good amount of free time each day. Typically most students choose to go horseback riding, improve their horsemanship skills, or take a riding lesson here at the Ranch.

Horseback Riding

▪ In return for helping with daily Ranch chores you are provided with the    opportunity for horseback riding in our arena and on our beautiful trails.
▪ Please understand that your safety is always the most important thing to us, so the amount of riding you do and the types of riding you do will depend on your horseback riding ability.

Other Information

▪ Be prepared for the weather: In the summer months it is hot and dry. In the winter
months it can be quite cold and snowy. Daily chores must get done regardless of the weather conditions.

▪ Just in case you have any fears or allergies, we want you to know that we have dogs and cats that you will be in contact with each day. 
▪ The Ranch has a land-line telephone, limited internet connectivity, and mobile/cellular phone coverage with Telus and Koodo. You can buy an internet plan for your mobile phone, which offers greater access. Please make sure your phone is able to be used in Canada and unlocked.
▪ To make telephone calls from the Ranch you must purchase an international phone card which you can get in Kamloops at a very reasonable price. Your family and friends are welcome to phone the Ranch. The time zone at the Ranch is Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00).


We only accept a small number of students at any given time. We rely on their help here at the Ranch. Most student bookings are made well in advance. It is very difficult for us to find new students to fill cancelations. Due to this we have found it necessary to have a cancelation/refund policy.


To book a student stay or to see our cancelation policy please contact us via e-mail:

Who  Would  Enjoy  Staying  at  Dreamscape  Ranch?

We want your stay at Dreamscape Ranch to be a great experience that you will remember for the rest of your life... but is staying at our Ranch right for you?
▪ Do you like beautiful scenery and being in the countryside?
▪ Do you like being outdoors, helping with projects, and sometimes getting a bit dirty?
▪ Do you like nature and working with animals?
▪ Have you ridden horses before?
▪ Do you like learning and experiencing new things?
▪ Do you like meeting, getting to know and working with new people?
▪ What if the weather is cold, snowy or rainy - can you deal with that?

If you said yes to all (or most) of these questions then we think you would really enjoy your stay with us at Dreamscape Ranch!
Now what about these questions:

▪ Do you want the excitement and bright lights of the city?
▪ Do you like to spend a lot of time on your mobile phone and texting?
▪ Do you like to spend a lot of time on the internet or watching television?
▪ Are you wanting a holiday where you can just relax and have no responsibilities?
▪ Do you want to do a lot of shopping and site-seeing?
▪ Do you find it difficult to get along with new people, or work with others?

​  Are you nervous or afraid, had a bad experience with horses?

  Do you have allergies to grass, hay or horses?

▪ Are you uncomfortable sharing a room and bathroom with other students?


If you said yes to all (or most) of these questions then our Guest Ranch is not going to be the right fit for you.