full  horse  boarding/ Retirement



Dreamscape Ranch provides quality full horse boarding and retirement services. We emphasize a peaceful, pleasant and safe boarding environment for your treasured horse. All horse breeds are welcome for boarding at the Ranch. We welcome riders of all abilities.












Dreamscape Ranch is situated on 160 acres and this gives us the ability to let horses live happily and comfortably as nature intended - outdoors. The horses are placed in herd groups which best suit their personalities, plus they are given beautiful spacious pastures in which to roam.


The horses are personally attended to every day. They have easy access to water, grazing and natural shelters. Their shelters are three-sided loafing sheds built to provide dry and secure shelter from the elements year-round.


In the summer months, the horses are left to graze to their content but are also given supplemental hay if needed. During the winter month, the quality of available grazing is diminished so the horses are fed more often and only with the best hay. We use N.A.G Bags and Tombstone feeders. The horses have 24/7 access to hay. If a mash or grain is required, they are fed twice a day. All the horses at Dreamscape are treated like members of the family. Loved and looked after every day.

Special  Requirements?


If your horse has special feed, turn-out, or care requirements, please contact us to discuss the particulars. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.



Full  Horse  Boarding  Rates


Long-term 'herd' horse boarding base rate starts at $425.00/month

Special feed and care arrangements can be accommodated at an extra charge, please call to discuss the details. Extra fees may apply and board Rates may very depending on horses needs.



Additional  Details


  • Accommodation at Dreamscape is open Year Round for horse Owners boarding their horses at Dreamscape please email lea@dreamscaperanch.com or call 1-250-372-2928 for prices.
  • Full horse boarding rates include full use of our riding facilities.
  • Large seasonal outdoor riding arena.
  • Round pen.
  • Special Trail Ride Guide rate of $20.00 per hour (if required).
  • Heated automatic water stations.
  • Foaling out available in our custom designed barn.
  • Endless riding trails.
  • Fences and gates are regularly checked and maintained.
  • Electric wire is only used when/where required.
  • The Ranch owners and helpers live on site.

Do you have a senior horse ready for retirement? Dreamscape Ranch might just be a dream come true for both you and your horse. Remove for many of the same reasons as the horses that are rehabilitating: Fresh air, peacefulness, socialization and the relaxed lifestyle of the ranch will be a beneficial environment for your faithful old friend. Both mentally and physically.


We don't just turn them out and leave them. Horses are looked after and handled personally with love and affection everyday.

need  a  break  from  "city  boarding"?












We have been looking after retired horses since 2003. Working closely with KLAVC. We have a very good geriatric program. Please give us a call so we can talk about your equine senior citizen.


Have you ever considered that your horse may need a break from "city boarding"?

Mental health does affect physical health so here's the perfect opportunity to let your horse live as nature intended and benefit from a wonderful 'new' experience.


We're more than happy to arrange full horse boarding for a short-term "holiday". Whether that is for a week or two or however long you require. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs!

Quality  retirement  life  for  your  senior  horse